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Upcoming Events

Peter Singer

Cybersecurity and CyberWar: What Everyone Needs to Know
Peter Singer
Brookings Institution
Monday May 5, 2014 @5:15
Filene Auditorium, Moore Hall

Daniel Weitzner

Privacy Policy Implications of "Big Data" Surveillance
Daniel Weitzner
Wednesday May 7, 2014 @4:15
Steele 006

John DeLong

National Security Implications of "Big Data" Surveillance
John DeLong
National Security Agency
Wednesday May 14, 2014 @4:15
Steele 006

Radu Sion

Computation Privacy and Regulatory Compliance Mechanisms for the Cloud
Radu Sion
Stony Brook University and Private Machines Inc.
Wednesday May 28, 2014 @4:15
Steele 006 


Recent Talks  

weird machines

"Weird Machines" in ELF: A Spotlight on the Underappreciated Metadata
Rebecca Shapiro
Dartmouth CS Graduate Student
August 13, 2013

mechael youtube

Keynote: Securing IT in Healthcare: Part III
Patty Mechael
mHealth Alliance
May 16, 2013



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Public-Key Infrastructure Project (PKI)

Project Summary

Enabling the humans and organizations that use the real-world information infrastructure to easily make the right trust judgments about other entities in this system is an ongoing problem. Public-key cryptography is a critical building block here because it can enable verifiable assertions between parties who do not share secrets beforehand. However, the public-key infrastructure (PKI) that effectively solves these trust problems still eludes us. The existing technology provides pieces of solutions, but still leaves us with obstacles. This project aims to overcome these obstacles by focusing on how to fit the technology to human requirements, rather than imposing upon the humans the trust structures convenient for the technology. In the spirit of Dartmouth's computing traditions and the mission of the ISTS, this project aims to make PKI work in the real world; PKI is the glue that holds the IT together!

This project also supports (and ISTS is the interim host of) the Higher Education Bridge Certification Authority (HEBCA).  Originally sponsored by EDUCAUSE, HEBCA was developed at Dartmouth College to facilitate trusted electronic communications within and between all institutions of higher education within the US, as well as with federal and state governments. HEBCA is a founding member of the Four Bridges Forum (4BF), a partnership of the nation's leading federated identity trust hubs. More information about HEBCA can be found at

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