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Securing the e-Campus 2017 - Exact time and dates TBD

Recent Talks

Dan Wallach

STAR-Vote: A Secure, Transparent, Auditable and Reliable Voting System

Professor Dan Wallach
Rice University
Thursday April 27, 2017
Carson L01, 5:00 PM

Ben Miller Dragos

Pandora's Power Grid - What Can State Attacks Do and What Would be the Impact?

Ben Miller
Chief Threat Officer, Dragos, Inc.
Tuesday May 2, 2017
Kemeny 007, 4:30 PM
Brendan Nyhan




Factual Echo Chambers? Fact-checking and Fake News in Election 2016.

Professor Brendan Nyhan
Dartmouth College
Thursday May 4, 2017
Rocky 001, 5:00 PM

Dickie George


Espionage and Intelligence

Professor Dickie George
Johns Hopkins University
Thursday May 11, 2017
Rocky 001, 5:00 PM

Dan Wallach

A Nation Under Attack: Advanced Cyber-Attacks in Ukraine

Ukrainian Cybersecurity Researchers
Thursday April 6, 2017
Oopik Auditorium 5:30 PM

RIOTS logo 

Professor Sean Smith, Director of the ISTS and Bill Nisen, Associate Director, spoke at the

School House residential cluster on the Internet of Risky Things  - February 21, 2017, 5:30 PM

Craig Smith




You Don't Own Your Car
Craig Smith
Tuesday May 10, 2016 
Carson L02 @4:15

David Safford


Hardware Based Security for GE's Industrial Control Systems
David Safford
GE Global Research
Tuesday May 17, 2016
Carson L02 @4:15



"It's Fine," They Said. "Just Ship It," They Said.
Dan Tentler
The Phobos Group
Tuesday April 12, 2016 
Carson L02 @4:15

Harold Thimbleby




The Best Way to Improve Healthcare is to Improve Computers
Harold Thimbleby
Swansea University
April 23, 2015

Craig Shue




Managing User-Level Compromises in Enterprise Network
Craig Shue
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
March 31, 2015



Oct news 2015


ISTS Information Pamphlet



Institute for Security, Technology, and Society
Dartmouth College
6211 Sudikoff Laboratory
Hanover, NH 03755 USA
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Past Projects

The following tables provide links to all the projects that the Institute has sponsored in its eight-year history, including those on emergency‐response technologies, bio/chem terrorism, law enforcement, and large‐scale cyber exercises.

Chemical and Biological

Project Name
End Date
After-the-fact radiation dosimetry from inanimate objects (EPR) 12/31/06
Enabling Technology for Deployment of Biological Nerve Agent Detoxification Catalysts 07/01/04
Nano-optics for Matched Spectroscopy of Hazardous Materials (NOMS) 02/28/07
Removal of Toxins and Pathogens using Human Monoclonal and Bispecific Antibodies 08/31/05

Computer Network Research

Project Name
End Date
Discovery of Trends in Activity-Aware Computing Environments 12/31/08
Measure, Analyze, Protect: Security Through Measurement for Wireless LANs 06/30/08
Digital Living: Understanding PLACE - Privacy in Location-Aware Computing Environments 12/31/07
Wireless Mobile Networking for Cyberassurance 07/31/03
System Security Evaluation Testbed 06/30/02
Wireless Network Analysis and Protection 06/30/03
System Security Evaluation (Kernel) 08/31/06
System Security Evaluation (Modeling) 08/31/06
Wireless Security for First Responders and Sensor Networks 07/31/04
DIST Visualization Experiments (DIST-Vis) 12/31/01

Cyber Security Exercises

Project Name
End Date
TOPOFF 2 Cybersecurity Exercise 08/31/03
TOPOFF 3 Cybersecurity Exercise 03/31/05
Livewire Cyber Exercise 05/01/04
Network Simulation Software for Cyber Exercises 10/31/04
Network Simulation Software for Cyber Exercises 10/31/05
The Role of Social Networks in Organizational Learning during a Cyber-Crisis: Evidence from the LIVEWIRE Simulation 10/31/05

Cyber Security Research

Project Name
End Date
Secure the Railway IT Infrastructure 03/31/10
MetroSense: Scalable Secure Sensor Systems (4S) 03/31/10
Public-Key Infrastructure Project (PKI) 06/30/09
Information Technology in Healthcare 12/31/08
Understanding and Quantifying the Economic Impact of Security Failures and Defense Strategies 12/07/07
Behavioral Fingerprinting of Wireless Devices 08/31/07
Algorithms for High-Assurance in Cyber-Security 10/30/07
Infrastructure Web 09/30/03
Gigabit Monitoring 09/30/01
Statistically Based Network Intrusion Detection 11/30/01
Data Mining for Detection of Network Intrusions 09/30/03
Jeanne-MRP 12/31/02
Semantic Hacking 09/30/03
Public Key Infrastructure and Trust - Information Security 07/31/05
Anomaly Detection Based on User Mobility Patterns 08/31/06
Cross-layer Peer-to-Peer Multimedia Attacks 08/31/06

Cyber Security Tools

Project Name
End Date
Digital Video Forensics (DVF) 09/30/09
Digital Image Forensics 12/31/07
Monitoring and Diagnosing SCADA Systems 06/05/07
Integrating Self-Awareness and Self-Healing Systems (SASH) 09/30/06
Detection of Digital Tampering 03/31/03
Assessing and Mining of Data from Network Sensors 10/01/03
Security Database with Vulnerability Scanner 01/01/04
ISTS Top Ten Certification Effort 01/01/03
Advanced Packet Vault 03/31/02
Steganography 03/31/02
Immunological Approaches to Intrusion, Detection and Response 10/31/03
Techniques for Modeling and Visualizing Internet Attacks 10/31/03
Shadow Intrusion and Network Analysis 12/01/03
User Mode Linux (UML) / Honeynet 12/01/03
Internet Health Monitoring System and Data Archive 06/30/01
BGP Archive and Analysis 06/30/01
Detection of Tampering with Computer Executables 04/30/04
Digital Evidence Retrieval 04/30/04
Windows 2000 Forensics 12/31/01
High Speed Network Monitoring and Analysis Technology 06/01/02
Recovery of Information from Erased Magnetic Medium 01/31/02
Software System Protection 03/31/03
COTS Evaluation and Certification Effort 12/31/03
Network and Computer Forensics 12/31/03
Distributed Intrusion Detection and Correlation 09/30/03
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Unreachable Message Metering 09/30/03
Network Risk Analysis (Q-RAN) 09/30/03
Transparent IDS Bridge 01/01/04
Digital Tampering & Secrets 08/31/06
The Kerf Toolkit for Instrusion Analysis 08/31/06
Analysis of the Data-Collection Capabilities of a Large-Scale, Distributed HoneyPot 08/31/06
Process Query Systems for Homeland Security 08/31/06

Cyber Trust Research

Project Name
End Date
Business Rationale for Cyber Security 07/31/09
Human Behavior, Insider Threat and Awareness 07/31/09
Security Incentives through Risk Pricing 03/31/09
Technology for Trust
Project 1: Understanding the Role of Trust in Internet Exchange  
Project 2: Enhancing Trust Through Information Sharing in the Extended Enterprise (EnTISE)  
Project 3: Extensions to Automated Trust Negotiation  
Project 4: Tiny Trusted Third Parties (T3P)  
Project 5: Usable High-Assurance Operating Systems  
Project 6: Communicating Trust Assertions (Greenpass)  
Secure Digital Medium 06/30/04
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) for Infosecurity 08/31/06
Trustworthy Negotiation 06/15/06

Education and Preparedness

Project Name
End Date
Secure Information Systems Mentoring and Training (SISMAT) 09/30/10
Business Education for the Security Professional (BESP) 05/16/08
Japanese Cybersecurity Training 03/31/05
Interactive Virtual Socratic Dialogue – Cyberterrorism: Regional and Local Response 12/31/02
Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) 12/31/03
Virtual Terrorism Response Academy - Interactive Media Laboratory (IML) 12/31/05
InterAgency Board (IAB) Interoperability Sub-group Meeting 02/28/06

Emerging Threats

Project Name
End Date
Emergent Threat Assessment 02/28/01
Emerging Technology Conference - Neuroscience 07/01/02

First Responder Technologies

Project Name
End Date
Reconfigurable Wireless Sensor Webs 04/30/04
ICMS (Incident Command Management Software) Test Bed, Technical Rational and Approach 06/30/02
Crisis Information Management Software (CIMS): Assessing the Status of Interoperability Solutions for Crisis Information Management Systems 10/31/04
An Integrated Approach to Communications, Automated Information Management, and Sensing for emergency and disaster response 08/31/06
Synthetic Environment for Emergency Response Simulation 05/01/06

Law Enforcement Resources

Project Name
End Date
E-Commerce Security Resource 04/30/03
Daily Intelligence Briefing 12/31/03
Wish List/Watch List 10/31/03
Security Informant 12/01/03
Law Enforcement Cybercrime/Terrorism Website 12/31/03
Law Enforcement Educational Training 12/31/03
Financial Forum 10/31/04
Analysis of the Jurisdictional Thresholds for Prosecuting Cyber Crimes in the United States at the State Level 10/31/04
Law Enforcement Tools and Technologies for Investigating Cyber Attacks: A National Needs Assessment 10/31/04
Law Enforcement Tools and Technologies for Investigating Cyber Attacks: Gap Analysis Report 10/31/04
Law Enforcement Tools and Technologies for Investigating Cyber Attacks: National Research and Development Agenda 10/31/04
Prototype National Contact Index for Cyber Attack Investigators 10/31/04
TAG Cybercrime Summit 10/31/04

Technical Analysis and Policy

Project Name
End Date
E-Security Framework for World Bank  
Effects Based Operations for Information Assurance 03/31/03
Network and Computer Forensics 09/30/01
Compendium of Recent Counter-Terrorism Recommendations 09/16/01
Cyber Attacks During the War on Terrorism: A Predictive Analysis 09/22/01
Internet and Infrastructure Protection 12/31/02
Cyber Warfare: An Analysis of the Means and Motivations of Selected Nation States 10/31/04
Examining the Cyber Capabilities of Islamic Terrorist Groups 10/31/04

Last Updated: 10/7/15