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Upcoming Events

Craig Smith




You Don't Own Your Car
Craig Smith
Tuesday May 10, 2016 
Carson L02 @4:15

David Safford


Hardware Based Security for GE's Industrial Control Systems
David Safford
GE Global Research
Tuesday May 17, 2016
Carson L02 @4:15

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GenCyber 2016 - Security, Technology & Society 
High School Summer Program at Dartmouth College
June 27 - July 1, 2016 - 9am to 3pm

Recent Talks


"It's Fine," They Said. "Just Ship It," They Said.
Dan Tentler
The Phobos Group
Tuesday April 12, 2016 
Carson L02 @4:15

Harold Thimbleby




The Best Way to Improve Healthcare is to Improve Computers
Harold Thimbleby
Swansea University
April 23, 2015

Craig Shue




Managing User-Level Compromises in Enterprise Network
Craig Shue
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
March 31, 2015



Oct news 2015


ISTS Information Pamphlet



Institute for Security, Technology, and Society
Dartmouth College
6211 Sudikoff Laboratory
Hanover, NH 03755 USA

Timothy Stablein, Ph.D.


ISTS Postdoctoral Fellow - Now at Union College:
Dartmouth College, Department of Sociology

University of Connecticut, Ph.D., 2009
University of Massachusetts, Boston, M.A., 2000
Bridgewater State College, B.S., 1998

As a post-doctoral fellow at ISTS, I explore the role technology plays in shaping views about health information privacy, health information exchanges and health disparities among stigmatized groups. My fellowship is provided through a multidisciplinary grant funded by the National Science Foundation's Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Trustworthy Computing Program (TISH). I am also funded through a Department of Health and Human Services research grant, Strategic Healthcare IT Advanced Research Projects on Security (SHARPS). At ISTS, I have participated as a researcher and methods specialist on a number of interdisciplinary research projects (see below). Of particular note, Dr. Denise Anthony and I have undertaken a large qualitative, in-depth interview project, which explores privacy perceptions and the role that electronic health records play among select groups within hospital settings (doctors, nurses, administrators, patients). For this study, we have collected over 150 interviews across different hospitals and health care organizations. Currently, we are analyzing patient interview data to explore perceptions of privacy among differently-aged stigmatized groups to understand the role that health information technology plays in health information disclosure practices.

In addition to collecting and analyzing these qualitative data, I am also currently applying for support through an NIH R03 grant (PAR-08-268) to study how electronic health records and privacy perceptions shape pediatrician-adolescent patient interactions.

Email: timothy.p.stablein[at]

Department of Sociology 
Dartmouth College
6104 Silsby Hall
Hanover, NH 03755

Phone: (603) 646-9076
Fax: (603) 646-1228

Curriculum Vitae 

Sociology Department page 

Selected ISTS related papers:

Prasad, Aarathi, Jacob Sorber, Timothy Stablein, Denise Anthony, and David Kotz. (2012). "Understanding Sharing Preferences and Behavior for mHealth Devices." Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES). 

Stablein, Timothy, Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Helen Nissenbaum, and Denise Anthony. 2012. "Gay Males and Electronic Health Records: Privacy Perceptions, Age, and Negotiating Stigma." Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, Denver, CO.

Stablein, Timothy and Denise Anthony. 2012. "Privacy, Information Exchanges, and the Stigmatizing Role of the Electronic Health Record." Annual meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, New York, NY.

Anthony, Denise and Timothy Stablein. 2011. "Practicing Privacy: Laws, Organizational Standards and Work Routines in Health Care."Annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, Las Vegas, NV.

Herndon, Brooke, Timothy Stablein, Carey Field, and Denise Anthony. 2011. "Measuring Care Coordination: Can We use Data from the Electronic Health Record?" Annual meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine, Phoenix, AZ .

Prasad, Aarathi, Jacob Sorber, Timothy Stablein, Denise Anthony, David Kotz. 2011. "Exposing Privacy Concerns in mHealth." USENIX Workshop on Health Security (HealthSec), San Francisco, CA. 

Anthony, Denise, Timothy Stablein, and Emily Carian. 2011. "Who is Afraid of Government as a Threat to Privacy?" Annual meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, Philadelphia, PA.

Last Updated: 9/9/15