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Securing the e-Campus 2017 - Exact time and dates TBD

Recent Talks

Dan Wallach

STAR-Vote: A Secure, Transparent, Auditable and Reliable Voting System

Professor Dan Wallach
Rice University
Thursday April 27, 2017
Carson L01, 5:00 PM

Ben Miller Dragos

Pandora's Power Grid - What Can State Attacks Do and What Would be the Impact?

Ben Miller
Chief Threat Officer, Dragos, Inc.
Tuesday May 2, 2017
Kemeny 007, 4:30 PM
Brendan Nyhan




Factual Echo Chambers? Fact-checking and Fake News in Election 2016.

Professor Brendan Nyhan
Dartmouth College
Thursday May 4, 2017
Rocky 001, 5:00 PM

Dickie George


Espionage and Intelligence

Professor Dickie George
Johns Hopkins University
Thursday May 11, 2017
Rocky 001, 5:00 PM

Dan Wallach

A Nation Under Attack: Advanced Cyber-Attacks in Ukraine

Ukrainian Cybersecurity Researchers
Thursday April 6, 2017
Oopik Auditorium 5:30 PM

RIOTS logo 

Professor Sean Smith, Director of the ISTS and Bill Nisen, Associate Director, spoke at the

School House residential cluster on the Internet of Risky Things  - February 21, 2017, 5:30 PM

Craig Smith




You Don't Own Your Car
Craig Smith
Tuesday May 10, 2016 
Carson L02 @4:15

David Safford


Hardware Based Security for GE's Industrial Control Systems
David Safford
GE Global Research
Tuesday May 17, 2016
Carson L02 @4:15



"It's Fine," They Said. "Just Ship It," They Said.
Dan Tentler
The Phobos Group
Tuesday April 12, 2016 
Carson L02 @4:15

Harold Thimbleby




The Best Way to Improve Healthcare is to Improve Computers
Harold Thimbleby
Swansea University
April 23, 2015

Craig Shue




Managing User-Level Compromises in Enterprise Network
Craig Shue
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
March 31, 2015



Oct news 2015


ISTS Information Pamphlet



Institute for Security, Technology, and Society
Dartmouth College
6211 Sudikoff Laboratory
Hanover, NH 03755 USA
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2008 News

DateArticle LinkFeaturedArticle Source
12/26/08 Photoshop Detective Professor Hany Farid Studio 360
12/19/08 Santa Cruz-based computer scientist builds tools to detect digital hoaxes, fakes and child porn Professor Hany Farid Mercury News
12/19/08 Winslet, Moss, Klum, Spears Go Under the (Digital) Knife: Out-of-Control Airbrushing Turns Stars from Flesh and Blood to Doll-Like Professor Hany Farid ABC News
12/19/08 Top 10 Threats to Computer Systems Include Professors and Students Securing the eCampus Chronicle
12/08/08 Forensics Expert Examines Authenticity of bin Laden Tapes Professor Hany Farid Chicago Public Radio
11/10/08 Did North Korea fake photos of Kim Jong-il? Professor Hany Farid Scientific American
10/31/08 Snyder explains Mozilla Corp.'s Internet Security Institute for Security, Technology, and Society The Dartmouth
10/24/08 Google engineer explains pragmatic problem solving Institute for Security, Technology, and Society The Dartmouth
10/20/08 Hany Farid Appointed Director of the Neukom Institute for Computational Science Professor Hany Farid Vox of Dartmouth
10/15/08 Information Security Investments in the Healthcare Sector: An Exploratory Study Ajit Appari Informs
10/07/08 Websites to Share Tales of Kindness Associate Professor Denise Anthony Buffalo News
10/02/08 Securing the eCampus 2008 Institute for Security, Technology, and Society NetworkWorld
09/03/08 Inferring social networks automatically Assistant Professor Tanzeem Choudhury Technology Review
09/25/08 Anthony named College's first female ISTS director Associate Professor Denise Anthony The Dartmouth
09/24/08 New Director at Dartmouth's Security Institute Associate Professor Denise Anthony Valley News
09/22/08 Young Workers, Virtual Problems Professor M. Eric Johnson Forbes
09/19/08 Growing trend of blogs, sites promoting niceness Associate Professor Denise Anthony Philly
08/11/08 Photography as a Weapon Professor Hany Farid NY Times
08/05/08 WEIS 2008: Escalation and incentives for better security Professor M. Eric Johnson Network World
08/04/08 Survival Training For CIOs Hans Brechbuhl Forbes
07/23/08 Can you believe your eyes in an age of photoshop? Professor Hany Farid NPR
07/10/08 P2P File-Sharing Sinks Ships Professor M. Eric Johnson Tech News World
07/08/08 Dartmouth Studies Network Security Professor David Kotz WCAX - TV News
07/02/08 VT Edition Interview: Hany Farid on detecting digital alterations in media Professor Hany Farid VPR
06/25/08 Father of digital forensics Professor Hany Farid PBS
06/24/08 Cyber Crime Training Collaboration with the National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law Professor Hany Farid Computer Crime Research Center
06/12/08 How much do you rely on technology? Associate Professor Denise Anthony VPR
05/29/08 Journals Find Fakery in Many Images Submitted to Support Research Professor Hany Farid Chronicle
05/29/08 Workshop on Economics of Information Security WEIS 2008 Network World
06/02/08 Digital Forensics: How Experts Uncover Doctored Images Professor Hany Farid Scientific American
05/15/08 Digital Detectives Professor Hany Farid NHPR
04/06/08 Companies fighting 'arms race' with computer hackers Sergey Bratus Sentinel and Enterprise
03/31/08 Computers, ninjas...and parrots? A CS graduate student tells all - p.4 [PDF] Sara Sinclair Dartmouth - Women In Science Project
03/27/08 Farid founds ‘digital forensics’ Professor Hany Farid The Dartmouth
03/17/08 Identifying Manipulated Images Professor Hany Farid Technology Review
03/16/08 Digital Photography Complicates Child Pornography Cases Professor Hany Farid Tampo Bay Online
03/09/08 Is Photo Real or a Fake? Digital Manipulation Adds to Prosecution Costs and Can Delay Trials Professor Hany Farid Courier-Journal
03/09/08 Efforts Target Doctored Photos; Detection Aimed at Restoring Trust Professor Hany Farid Courier-Journal
02/27/08 New techniques help expose photo hoaxes Professor Hany Farid Kuwait Times
02/15/08 Hackers attack security of students' computers Institute for Security, Technology, and Society The Dartmouth
02/11/08 Digital Forensics: An Interview with Dr. Hany Farid Professor Hany Farid Digital Journalist
01/30/08 Professor Taylor Receives Public Service Award Professor Stephen Taylor Thayer School of Engineering News
01/28/08 Two Dartmouth professors recognized with CAREER Awards from NSF Assistant Professor Reza Olfati-Saber, and Assistant Professor Fabio Pellacini Dartmouth News
01/13/08 Does The Hormuz Videotape Literally Produced by the Pentagon Mean Cue Up the War with Iran? Professor Hany Farid


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