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Scout Sinclair Brody



Open-Sourcing Usable Security
Scout Sinclair Brody D'13 Ph.D.
Simply Secure
Tuesday June 2, 2015 @4:15pm
Carson L02

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Radu Sion

Computation Privacy and Regulatory Compliance Mechanisms for the Cloud
Radu Sion
Stony Brook University and Private Machines Inc.
May 28, 2013

mechael youtube

Keynote: Securing IT in Healthcare: Part III
Patty Mechael
mHealth Alliance
May 16, 2013



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ISTS Information Pamphlet



Institute for Security, Technology, and Society
Dartmouth College
6211 Sudikoff Laboratory
Hanover, NH 03755 USA
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2007 News

DateArticle LinkFeaturedArticle Source
12/21/07 Today's 101: How Can You Tell if a Picture is Real? Professor Hany Farid
10/29/07 Was Bin Laden's Last Video Faked? Video Analysts Debate Whether Al-Qaida Doctored the Video Professor Hany Farid
10/23/07 Dumped Mortgage Files Invite Identity Theft Professor M. Eric Johnson
10/22/07 Study: Anon. Wikipedia users prove most accurate Associate Professor Denise Anthony and Associate Professor Sean Smith
10/15/07 Radio interview KMOX (Saint Louis) / Hany Farid on Digital Photo Manipulation Professor Hany Farid
10/02/07 Proving That Seeing Shouldn’t Always Be Believing Professor Hany Farid
08/07/07 Restoring Trust in Photojournalism: Black Star Rising Talks with Dr. Hany Farid Professor Hany Farid
08/01/07 P2P slammed as 'new national security risk' Professor M. Eric Johnson
07/31/07 Distorted Picture Professor Hany Farid
07/25/07 P2P Networks Turn Up Sensitive Corporate, Government Documents Professor M. Eric Johnson
07/24/07 Committee Holds Hearing on Inadvertent File Sharing over Peer-to-Peer Networks Professor M. Eric Johnson
06/27/07 Photo Tampering an Age-Old Practice Professor Hany Farid
06/11/07 Wireless networks: The burning questions Professor David Kotz
04/15/07 Great Shots That Never Happened Professor Hany Farid
04/13/07 Dartmouth gets award for cyber security studies Institute for Security Technology Studies
03/27/07 Researchers talk cyber security at conference Professor David Kotz
03/17/07 Computing Photographic Forgeries Professor Hany Farid
03/08/07 Adobe eyes fraud-busting tools for Photoshop Professor Hany Farid
03/08/07 Adobe Tackles Photo Forgeries Professor Hany Farid
02/19/07 Picture imperfect Professor Hany Farid
02/19/07 Science Fights the Fakes Professor Hany Farid
02/07/07 Secrets of the DoS Root Server Attack Revealed Sergey Bratus
01/15/07 Surveillance: Video Evidence Professor Hany Farid
01/09/07 Finding patterns of importance in a deluge of data Professor George Cybenko ~news/
01/03/07 Police Blotter: Detecting Computer-Generated Porn? Professor Hany Farid

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