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weird machines

"Weird Machines" in ELF: A Spotlight on the Underappreciated Metadata
Rebecca Shapiro
Dartmouth CS Graduate Student
August 13, 2013

mechael youtube

Keynote: Securing IT in Healthcare: Part III
Patty Mechael
mHealth Alliance
May 16, 2013



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ISTS Information Pamphlet



Institute for Security, Technology, and Society
Dartmouth College
6211 Sudikoff Laboratory
Hanover, NH 03755 USA


ISTS hosts a speaker series, conferences, and other events to address challenges and solutions related to information technology security and privacy and how it affects society. ISTS also supports and participates in collaborative events to share new knowledge and to advance research and development.

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Upcoming Events



Speakers, Conferences and Other Events

The Institute invites experts from around the world to present public lectures on topics related to cyber security, cyber trust and privacy, as well as on the analysis of the economic and public policy impact of cyber and infrastructure vulnerabilities. These talks promote understanding, collaboration and dissemination of knowledge among researchers, and expose the larger community to the issues, challenges and solutions being examined and tested.

Fostering Campus-wide Involvement

While speakers are at ISTS and on campus, every effort will be made to create opportunities for interested students, faculty, and researchers to meet and/or converse with invited guests regarding their areas of expertise. Additional plans include the possibility of adding panel discussions, roundtables, or point-counterpoint sessions to the speaker series format.

Videos of Events

Past Events and Speakers

Co-sponsored by Dartmouth College Information Technology Services

July 15-16, 2014
Securing the eCampus 2014
A workshop on cyber security for higher education

 Nate Fick

Co-sponsored by the Computer Science Colloquium

Wednesday May 28, 2014 
Radu Sion
Stony Brook University and Private Machines Inc.
Computation Privacy and Regulatory Compliance Mechanisms for the Cloud

Radu Sion

Co-sponsored by the Dickey Center and the Computer Science Colloquium

Wednesday May 14, 2014 
John DeLong
National Security Agency
National Security Implications of "Big Data" Surveillance

John DeLong

Co-sponsored by the Computer Science Colloquium

Wednesday May 7, 2014
Daniel Weitzner
Privacy - Now What?

Daniel Weitzner

The Spring 2014 Donoho Colloquium co-sponsored by the Neukom Institute

Monday May 5, 2014
Peter Singer
Brookings Institution
Cybersecurity and CyberWar: What Everyone Needs to Know

Peter Singer

Co-sponsored by the Computer Science Colloquium

Wednesday April 9, 2014
Greg Morrisett
Harvard University
Trustworthy Hardened Code

Greg Morrisett

Co-sponsored by the Computer Science Colloquium

Wednesday April 2, 2014
Edward Felten
Princeton University
Technical Tradeoffs in the NSA's Mass Phone Call Data Program

Edward Felten


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